Android application to inquiry health insurance eligibility & benefit of registered patients using the Web APIs. Provider and Patient must be registered in advance to inquiry health insurance eligibility & benefit. Receive real-time access to patient insurance information, including coverage dates, benefit ceilings, co-pays and more.

Screenshots and Video

[NOTE] Comprehensive ways to Install an APK File

  • When you have acquired APK files outside of Google Play Store, be aware that your phone is authorized to support installing third party applications. By default, android smartphones do not allow installation of third party apps, only those that are sourced from Google Play Store are permissible. Luckily, you can tweak this setting by going to “Menu” > “Settings” > “Security” > check “Unknown Sources”.
  • Also, you need to deactivate the Android default application 'Lookout' through the following steps:
    • Open Lookout on your device and click the menu button, and uncheck "Auto scan".
    • Go to your Android Settings >Security > Device administrators and uncheck the box next to Lookout.
    • Then, go to Android Settings > Apps > Lookout > and choose "Force Stop" then "Clear data"
    • Lastly click the back button and slide over to Running Services > and select any Lookout services running and select "Stop"