Risk Screening

The Risk Screening Tools are web-based health risk screening utilities developed to detect health destabilization in vulnerable populations. It screens for health risks associated with a developmental and physical disabilities which specifically affect systems of the body and the person's ability to engage in functional activities.


Designed to find out who is at the greatest risk of illness and health destabilization.


The screenings detect health issues early before they develop into a health crisis.


Produces action steps to empower support staff with attention and prevention.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index (BMI) and waist measurement can give you an idea about your health risks.

Depression Screening (PHQ-9)

Assist the clinician in making the diagnosis of depression and quantify depression symptoms.


Estimating risk of developing CHD (Coronary Heart Disease), Diabetes, and Hypertension in the next 4 years.

Fall Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT)

Take this simple test to work out if you need to discuss your risk of falls with your PCP.